29th January 2019

Reverse Osmosis

    Yash Enviro Technologies is a leading Reverse Osmosis Systems manufacturer & supplier in Pune, India. Located in the industrial area in the city, we are known as tailor-made RO plants, DE Mineralising plants with MB manufacturers in the country.

    With loads of experience in this field, we have enriched industry experience and have provided our services to various clients across the country. We, at Yash Enviro Technologies, have gathered a peerless reputation for the highest quality water filtration systems delivery. Our Reverse Osmosis systems are custom-made to treat all types of water problems. They can easily be installed for diverse residential, commercial and industrial applications.

   With an aim to emerge as one of the leading brands in India, we design, manufacture, and supply the RO system, which is extensively used for removing dissolved solids from the raw water. Our range of reverse osmosis systems and reverse osmosis equipment is manufactured using membrane technology. All these Systems make water pass through a partially permeable of 0.0001-micron gauge which helps separates even the smallest of microbes from the water.

    Yash Enviro Technologies has a team of technical experts, who specialize in using the methods that best fit the application from energy efficiency to green wise. We manufacture the RO system with innovative, quality, and standard parts, and specialize in designing and supplying our RO system based on the specific application.

    Each product, at our RO Plants and De Mineralising Plants, is thoroughly inspected and tested before being supplied to clients. Our excellent engineering, design expertise and dedication to reliable qualities have earned our products the peculiarity of being the most durable water-filtration systems in the market. This is how our products require normal yearly maintenance. Yash Enviro Technologies is one of the primary names to manufacture Reverse Osmosis Systems whose membranes and key filters are all developed by highly-qualified engineers and technicians.