28th January 2019

Sewage Treatment Plant

   With our Sewage Treatment Plant products, you get an easy and efficient process to remove contaminants from wastewater such as household sewage and effluents. Our products come with various features with a chemical, physical and biological process to eliminate wastewater and to produce an environmentally safe fluid waste stream.

    Being a complete blend of innovative technologies and supplying the machinery products to suit clients’ needs of the hour, we in Pune, India are known for making it possible to reuse sewage effluent for industrial and household use. The objective behind supplying thecommercial sewage treatment plantin the country is to create a disposable effluent without carrying any harm to the surrounding environment.Our equipments for a complete solution are designed to have an array of systems: MBBR System, MBR System, and SAFFR System.

MBBR System

     At Yash Enviro Technologies in Pune, India, we manufacture our plants by equipping them with MBBR system, which allows clients to have cost effective solution of removing containments from wastewater. This system, to the great extent, boosts the capacity and efficiency of existing wastewater treatment plants, reducing the size of new plant deployment.

MBR System

   MBR system is one of the latest technologies to be used in sewage water treatment plants. Be it a suspended growth-activated sludge system, the MBR System utilizes microporous membranes for liquid/ solid separation rather than using secondary clarifiers. It allows having pure water and is applied at various places around the world.

SAFFR System

   SAFFR System, like MBBR and MBR systems, is another technology used by us. Its inclusion makes our wastewater treatment systems of the highest standard, dealing with all environmental protection regulations. With the application of SAFFR System, we are able to give you the finest solutions of water treatment at the best rate. The products we manufacture are simple to install and a cost effective procedure to deal with wastewater for both businesses and the rural home. The contaminants removed from water with the help of SAFFR System is used for agricultural and irrigation purposes.


  1. All the treatment steps are incorporated in underground RCC tank. (Except Filtration)
  2. No Separate Septic Tank Required
  3. No Open Sludge Handling & nuisance on that account
  4. Optional Sludge Dewatering System can be Incorporated before storing the Sludg
  5. Single Panel with all switches for on-off operation at easy to access location
  6. Optional Mechanical Oil Skimmer can be incorporated to ensure removal of separated oil
  7. All Pumps & Blowers are provided with “standby” to ensure easy switching if required
  8. Dry run protection for centrifugal pumps
  9. Standard models capacity: 10 up to 500 m3/day in single unit
  10. Smaller plants capacity: 1 m3 per day


  1. Less Area Requirement
  2. No Sludge Recycle, monitoring of F/M ratio etc. hence easy to operate
  3. Minimal moving parts thus lesser maintenance requirement
  4. Flexibility to correct the performance by just adding the media in a reactor or increasing the Air quantity
  5. No more costly replacements