What are ZLD and Zero Liquid Discharge Systems?

Zero Liquid Discharge is an engineering approach to removing all liquid waste from a system. The treatment is utilized to maximize the recovery of water and reduce waste. ZLD Zero Liquid Discharge systems incorporated advanced wastewater/desalination treatment technologies to purify and recycle all of the wastewater produced according to government discharge norms.

“ Yash Enviro had supplied, installed and commissioned cost-effective systems to recycle wastewater and achieve ZLD Zero Liquid Discharge in various industrial sectors”

Zero Liquid Discharge Plant Consists of pretreatment include RO Plant, UF Plant and Evaporator like ATFD (Agitated Thin-film Dryer), MEE (Multi-effect Evaporator), Wastewater Evaporator, Pusher Centrifuge, Basket Centrifuge, etc.

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