Why It Is Necessary To Install STP In Residential Societies?

Sewage water treatment Plant is the process of removing dangerous organic and inorganic contaminants from domestic wastewater, or the water emitted from kitchens, bathrooms, and common areas.

              This wastewater is channeled via a sewage treatment plant where impurities are totally eliminated using a physical, biological, and chemical process to make it suitable for reuse rather than being discharged directly into the environment, which could result in contamination of the land and air.

             STP is a safe and an effective way to treat wastewater and generate recycled water. STP can make a community self-sufficient in water.               

  • Recycled water is always available in sufficient quantities in the community.
  • We can use recycled water for tasks like gardening, washing cars, flushing the toilet, etc.
  • Total water consumption reduction and a strong return on investment for the community

      Results of installing STP in every society will lead to saving money, time, energy and surrounding environment.

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